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Creating the services I wish I had for my own dogs.

Beatrice | Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

  • Planning on getting a puppy
  • Puppy socialization and habituation
  • Overwhelming teenage phase

  • Behavior problems such as - insecurity, reactivity, aggression

  • Something else? We've got great connections with other dog trainers and veterinary professionals to refer you into the best caring hands

This consultation is a systematic evaluation of a dog's behavior and temperament to gain a better understanding of their personality, tendencies, and any potential issues. It is conducted by a certified professional dog behavior consultant who specializes in understanding dog behavior in family dogs. This evaluation helps identify any areas of concern or specific training and management needs. During the consultation, we will cover topics such as - dogs previous learning/training experience, physical and mental health needs, and daily enrichment plans.

Consultation fee Malmo - 500kr | surrounding areas 650kr


Our training programs are tailored to meet your dog's individual needs and your training objectives.
We offer a range of services, including:
Basic City Dog Training: Loose leash walking, reliable recall, neutrality in different environments, leave it/drop it.
Behavior Modification: If your dog exhibits problem behaviors like reactivity, aggression, fear, resource guarding, etc.
Socialization: We provide guidance on proper socialization techniques to help your dog feel comfortable and confident around people, other dogs, and various environments. Socialization is crucial for a well-adjusted and balanced dog.
Puppy Training: We offer specialized training programs designed specifically for puppies, focusing on early socialization, house training, bite inhibition, and basic city dog training.

Initial Consultation fee - 500kr | Training fee Malmo - 500kr/hour | surrounding areas 650kr


Busy schedule and need an extra hand on your training journey? We offer day training service, where we pick your dog up from home for 1-hour training and activation session. You will receive written and/or video update after each session.

Initial Consultation fee - 500kr | Training fee Malmo - 400kr/hour

Surrounding areas fee starts at 450kr/hour depending on travel time/distance.


We provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your dog when you are unable to be with them. Whether you need a place for your dog to stay during the day or overnight, we offer our home, comfortable and supervised setting where your furry friend can socialize, play, and receive personalized care. We only take a maximum of 2 guest dogs at a time to assure the queen treatment they deserve.

Meet and Greet fee 300kr

Boarding fee 750kr/day | Public holiday 950kr/day

Daycare fee 500kr | Public holiday 750kr/day


We offer a convenient and reliable solution for busy dog owners who want to ensure their dogs receive the exercise, stimulation, and potty breaks they need during the day. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable walking experience filled with mental and physical enrichment adjusted to individual needs and preferences.

Meet and Greet fee 300kr

Dog walking on call fee - 250kr/30min | 300kr/hour

Dog walking monthly membership fee (excl. public holidays)

Full time - Monday to Friday 4.000kr

Part time (3 x week) 3.000kr

Please note all the service fees include F-tax VAT and liability insurance


I'm beyond excited to finally introduce this new service!

This is THE kind of service I've been looking for my own dogs and THE type of outlet most dogs truly need to be physically and mentally fulfilled.

At the Dog Adventure Camp, your dog will embark on a tail-wagging journey like no other! Our camp adventure offers a unique opportunity for dogs to unleash their inner explorer as they get to roam through various environments, from lush forests to sandy beaches. In a small group of canine friends, they will socialize, play, and learn together under the supervision of experienced dog behavior expert. While having a paw-some time, they will also have the chance to practice basic obedience skills, strengthening their training in a fun and engaging way.

The positive impacts of our dog adventure camp are truly remarkable. Dogs not only get to fulfill their natural instincts and burn off excess energy, but they also develop better social skills through interaction with other dogs. The mental stimulation and physical exercise they receive will contribute to improved overall well-being, leading to happier and healthier dogs.

Join us at Dog Adventure Camp and give your dog the experience she deserves – a truly unforgettable, tail-wagging adventure awaits!

Schedule Proposal - Pick up 8-9am - Dog Adventure Camp activities - Drop off 11-12pm

Meet and Greet fee - 300kr

Dog adventure camp on call fee - 400kr/day

Dog adventure monthly membership fee (excl. public holidays)

Part time (Mon/Wed/Fri) 3.500kr