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My journey with dogs started at a very early age on farmland where I grew up with many different dogs. I've been a part of a local rescue and animal protection unit since high school, actively participating in dog sports, events, and courses ever since. Followed by a decade of working with show dogs and kennels. All this hands-on experience gave me a broad knowledge of dogs living in very different environments. From a rescue setting to the most prestigious kennels, and all that is behind the scenes. Since the very early days I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living - work with dogs and make a positive impact on their lives. And I followed this path ever since.

When it comes to my professional education, I've been lucky to study Canine behavior and psychology from industry-leading professionals in the United States and England and have the ongoing privilege of staying in that circle for further growth. I'm a member of many international dog pro communities and am always on the lookout for new science-based, humane training techniques and approaches. I keep my knowledge and skills up to date by regularly attending hands-on courses and I'm committed to ongoing professional education.
In an unregulated and often misled dog training industry, I aim to present my clients with up-to-date science-based, force and fear-free methods to bring out the best in their dog-human relationship. My practice is built on ethical training techniques and dog centered care approach. When you hire me for coaching or day-to-day care services I ensure you are receiving the latest, science-based advice and my full attention supporting you on your journey.

Most of my current work with dogs and their families is based on Family Dog Mediation model L.E.G.S (Learning, Environment, Genetics, Self). You can read more about this approach HERE

Educational background
The International School of Canine Psychology and Behavior - Diploma in Canine Behavior
L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology, Family Dog Mediation® Certified
Aggression in Dogs Master Course Certified

dog trainer with two happy dogs
dog trainer with two happy dogs

Are you my ideal client?

After many years of working with dogs I realized that not all dog families carry the same values and compassion towards their dogs. Therefore I found it important to add this very section. My main goal doing this job is improving the life quality of both dogs and their families. Before you reach out to me it is important to me that you are interested in understanding your dog as an individual and not only look for a quick fix. We educate and train with compassion to both ends of the lead.

Here's what our clients say

I have been using Beatrice services for a year now, and could not be any more satisfied! My dogs require a little bit of extra work due to old age and reactivity, but she handles them perfectly and they absolutely ADORE her. It also feels like she loves and cares for my doggos just as much as me.
I have only experienced great communication with her, doesn’t matter if it is about changes in the schedule or if there is something she needs to be observant about that specific walk.
Overall, just such a big help in a very busy world. Would definitively recommend.”

- Martina, Freja & Ellie Mixed breed

I’ve been working with Beatrice ever since I got my dog when he was 8 weeks old! We started with city dog walking and most recently he’s been a member of dog adventure camp! If you are looking for a dog trainer whose method is force and fear-free, she’s the one you want to work with! My dog loves Beatrice and thanks to her he has grown to such a happy and curious teenage boy now! Beatrice is not only great with training but also my dog loves to board at her place and spend time with his beagle sisters. I’m 120% satisfied with what Beatrice offers!

- Yu and Bo the Cocker Spaniel

Beatrice is doing a great job with our English mastiff, a gentle but also playful giant who sometimes requires a little extra from his caregivers. We could not have been happier with the help we get, Beatrice is empathetic, professional and service minded - we highly recommend her..”

- Sofia and Vito the English Mastiff

Beatrice has been walking our Welsh terrier Bruno at lunchtime for about a year, creating an incredible bond with him. Bruno can sometimes be demanding when meeting dogs, so we sought an experienced, sensitive and active trainer for his walks, and Beatrice met our expectations. Beatrice is very professional, passionate and customer friendly, and we highly recommend her service!

- Luca and Bruno the Welsh Terrier