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My journey with dogs started at a very early age on farmland where I grew up with many different dogs. I've been a part of a local rescue and animal protection unit since high school, actively participating in dog sports, events, and courses ever since. Followed by a decade of working with show dogs and kennels. All this hands-on experience gave me a broad knowledge of dogs living in very different environments. From a rescue setting to the most prestigious kennels, and all that is behind the scenes. Since the very early days I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living - work with dogs and make a positive impact on their lives. And I followed this path ever since.

When it comes to my professional education, I've been lucky to study Canine behavior and psychology from industry-leading professionals in the United States and England and have the ongoing privilege of staying in that circle for further growth. I'm a member of many international dog pro communities and am always on the lookout for new science-based, humane training techniques and approaches. I keep my knowledge and skills up to date by regularly attending hands-on courses and I'm committed to ongoing professional education.
In an unregulated and often misled dog training industry, I aim to present my clients with up-to-date science-based, force and fear-free methods to bring out the best in their dog-human relationship. My practice is built on ethical training techniques and dog centered care approach. When you hire me for coaching or day-to-day care services I ensure you are receiving the latest, science-based advice and my full attention supporting you on your journey.

Educational background
The International School of Canine Psychology and Behavior - Diploma in Canine Behavior
L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology, Family Dog Mediation® Certified
Aggression in Dogs Master Course Certified

dog trainer with two happy dogs
dog trainer with two happy dogs